1.How do I get the right cap size

Use the measurement below to determine if you are a small, medium or large.

The circumference is the most important measurement and the only one needed for a closure.


2. Can I colour my wig unit?

Yes. All of our wig units  are made with 100%virgin human hair that can be coloured and or bleached any level desired. Pleas note that excessive colouring can lead to reduction of its natural pattern, however when colouring hair, it is recommended that you consult   with a professional

3. How do I maintain my wig?

Treat your with units like your real hair. It is recommended you use sulphate free shampoo when washing and condition your hair properly. Please also avoid heavy styling product on your hair and be sure to use a heat protectant when styling( Straightning or curling). Also it is recommended that you allow your wigs air-dry after washing for less heat effect.

4. How often Should I wash my Wig Units?

This is totally dependent on how often you wear it. If you wear it regularly, it is advised to wash it once in 2weeks or sometimes CO-WASH it

CO-WASH-: This is when you just use conditioner to wash your wigs for that soft and shiny lusture.